Martin Vichr

Born 19.6.1976

Hometown – Praha, Petrovice. Czech Republic.

Our family moved to N.Y for 5 years due to my farthers job oportunity. I was 9 years old then and i raced BMX.

I hooked up with some skaters on the streets and I liked skateboardings attitude more then BMX.  Our family came back after the fall of communism after 1989. Most of things started to exist after the change and first skateshops started to form then. When I saw real pro decks being sold i did not hesistate to purchase my own board. Bought my first Powell board in '92 and I have been skating since then. It was skating street all day every day back at home for a long time.

No sk8parks were built at  that time. After a few years of learning at home a started visiting downtown more. Places like Stalin, National Theater.

In 1995 Pavel Hertl and Petr Löwy adressed me to ride for Mystic skates. I happily accepted and was introduced to Tomas Rejman. After few years of sponsorship from local brands I suffered a few serious Ankle injuries. I could not continue in my path so I started working inside Mystic skates with a bunch of great people and I started skating for my own pleasure without any responsability for sponsors since then. It was great to be a part of the skateboarding growth during the 90´s. We managed new teams, photos, filming, judging contests and much more.. Mystic constructions was formed then and the crew is buiding skateparks in CZ untill this day. They are also responsible for the making all the courses for Mystic cup.Martinvichr

Tomas from Mystic skates invited a couple of sk8ters from from the US, such as Remy Stratton, Gershon Mosely, Steve Berra, Ed Templeton… to come to our first Mystic sk8 cup in 1994. It was a great success for both sides and since then everything started to expand. The word came around a Mystic cup grue due to it´s free and natural atmosphere.

WCS8 has expressed it´s interest in this contest and Mystic cup became a part of it. It´s been a great experience for me working with WCS8 crew on Mystic cup and in Germany also.

Many things have changed since then. We have been producing the Czech sk8 cup (a series of contest througout CZ) for 13 years now. Many sk8 parks were built, many spots were closed, many friends left the scene and new ones came and skateboarding formed into something much bigger as everywhere else.

Skateboarding changed my life and I keep the old hardcore feeling same as it was in the begining protected inside.