Dave Duncan

Duncan announcingDave Duncan's story is almost like telling the history of skateboarding. He was born in Long Beach, California in 1962. His first rides date back to 1969 when he was 7 years old, sidewalk surfing during the steel wheels era on his older brother’s board. During the early 70's Dave and his friends rode their loose ball bearing, clay wheeled, Black Knight boards to school everyday. After breaking their boards from jumping off of the 3 stairs and picnic benches they eventually began shaping their own decks. In 1974 when Dave was 12 years old the invention of urethane wheels made skating more terrain possible like the asphalt banks in his schoolyard. He and his friends began searching for underground spots, such as drainage ditches, more schoolyards and hundreds of backyard pools.This new and adventurous fun was pushing his limits beyond his wildest dreams.

Eventually moving to San Diego, Dave was spending his days throughout the 70’s surfing and skateboarding with all of his friends. Charging hard at all of the new skateparks that were popping up, eventually competing at some of these parks. During the late 70’s he began to build skateboard ramps for himself and friends in driveways and backyards. At this time he began working full time and spent many years as a union carpenter and building custom homes. In 1984 Dave got hooked up by Alva skates and continued skating a lot with teammates Hosoi and Reategui. In early 1985 while skating at Del Mar Skateranch RIP, Dave broke his arm and spent the next two years in and out of a cast. During these years off work Dave used his Workmans comp and Disability money  to travel the world and skate with his friends. At this time he and his friends became involved with the filming of the hollywood movie THRASHIN’. The gang in the movie The DAGGERS was a spinoff of the 80’s ALVA Team. Dave continued to compete as a top sponsored amateur throughout the 1980’s, and began working with the National Skateboard Association (since renamed World Cup) building and designing vert ramps and street courses for the comps.It was in the early 80’s that Dave began judging and announcing amatuer and eventually professional skateboard competitions.

Turning pro in 1987 Dave began designing his own signature boards for the Alva Team, led by  70’s world champion and skateboard pioneer, Tony Alva. The experience Dave gained through managing and working with the Alva team led him doing hundreds of demos and competitions worldwide. Gaining knowledge of the skateboarding business led Dave to getting involved a business of his own in 1993, Focus Skateboards Ulimited. This time partnering with skateboarding legends Christian Hosoi, Eddie Reategui and Chicken. This business included manufacturing and distribution of skateboard decks, wheels, snowboards and clothing, thus allowing the worldwide travels to continue. Their latest company 'Daggers' has been going strong for over 15 years.

In 1984 Dave started snowboarding, eventually competing in the local USASA events. It was in 1989 he was invited to judge his first Pro Snowboard event. The next year he was judging on the Pro tour (also helping hand dig the competition 1/2 pipes) and has continued either judging or announcing every winter since. Working on such Snowboard events over the years as the early 90's PSTA/ USA tour, every Winter XGames for 14 years, Winter Dew tour, Vans Tahoe Cup, Sessions in Vail, US Open in Vermont, High Roller Rail Jams at Hard Rock in Las Vegas and recently the USASA Nationals in Copper Mtn Colorado. Dave's career would eventually rise him to the position of the announcer at Park City 2002 Olympics for the snowboard superpipe event, and was also calling all of the live snowboard action for the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy. Calling the action live for Shaun Whites Gold medal halfpipe runs!

In 2017 through World Cup Skateboarding and WCS Snowboarding, Dave continues to be involved with all the major skateboard and snowboard competitions worldwide and still continues to compete in the WCS Masters Skateboard Division (40 years old and over) with all the other legends of the 80’s skate scene. Dave takes great pride in his work, and has a deep passion for all action sports and has enjoyed the MC honors for XGames for over 20 years, The Dew tour, Maloof Money Cup, Pro Tec Pool Party in the Vans Combi-Pool, Street League, Quiksilver Bowlriders in Europe, Mystic cup in Prague for 19 years, WCS in Rome, Relentless Nass UK, Oregon Trifecta for 10 years! Also the Globe World Cup and Bondi Bowl-a-rama in Australia, Munster Monster Masterships in Germany, Rock the Cradle in Texas, Ski Dazzle shows in LA, Exposure in SD, STU Open, O´Marisquiño and too many more to list.

He continues working to help design, build, advise and oversee the construction of some of the best skateboard parks, ramps, street courses, arena competitions and events in skateboard history.

Dave is currently sponsored by Daggers, DC shoes, Independent trucks, Volcom clothing, Bones wheels, Black Flys, Lib Tech snowboards, Flow bindings.

To find more photos and updates on Dave and the Daggers log onto www.daggerskates.com