Bamm! Pedro Barros!

Congrats to Pedro Barros for taking the top spot at the Maresia Vert Jam in Rio de Janeiro this past weekend.FS15181 copy Pedro is not only the one of the best bowl skaters in the world, but he is also proving that he is a force on the flat vert wall as well...

Men's Top 5

1. Pedro Barros     12,500 BRL

2. Romy Gomes    9,500

3. Mitchie Brusco  7,500

4. Bob Burnquist   5,500

5. Jono Schwan    4,500


LadiesFS14947 copy

1. Karen Jones

2. Renata Pachinni

3. Boa Sodre


Red Bull Slick Trick

Andy Macdonald - Kick flip 540 Melon grab


Complete results here...

Gallery here...

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