Simple Session

 Around 75 skateboarders from all around the World were invited to compete in SS13, including some US skaters such as Austyn Gillette or Manny Santiago, who also was my roommate for the session weekend. Both me and Manny came straight from LA, i actually had a layover in Prague, where i got to spend a few hours and we dealt with some jetlag problems all weekend, waking up around 3am every day... We all were divided into 18 groups of 4 skaters for the qualifications on saturday, top 3 made it straight to the finals, another 27 qualified for the semifinals on sunday. Sunday was promising the best that Simple Session offers. Skateboarding is always first on the daily schedule, so we all have to be in the arena at 10am to get some practice, which is, to be honest, with all the parties in Tallinn pretty difficult. The actual semifinals started at noon and it was 9 groups of 3 skaters, who all had 1 minute run, followed by a 6 minute organised jam (which is definitely my favorite competition format). Out of these 27 skaters, 12 made it to the finals to meet the 3 pre-qualified riders from the qualis (Kelvin Hoefler, Hvard Gaara, Austyn Gillette). The format changed for the finals and each of the 15 riders had two 1minute runs, with the best run counting as the final score. It was russian own Maxim Kruglov and his first run, which im not afraid to call the run of his life, what secured him the Win, 2nd place went to Brazil (Kelvin Hoefler) and 3rd to Netherland's Tim Zom.

      Simple Session was great, as usual and i cant wait for the next year. Keep up the good work!

Big thanks goes to Risto, Mario and the WCSK8 office:)

      Happy Skateboarding,