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This past weekend the capital city of Moscow, Russia held the World Cup Skateboarding event Adrenalin Games in the Luzniky Stadium. It was the second time WCS has come to Russia to promote world skateboarding and connect riders from this part of the world. The streetcourse for the event was especially built by Andreas Schutzi Schutzenberger from IOU Ramps company with modern design and great quality for the best skateboarding.

Prior to the main event the Adrenalin Games held prequalification a round for many local riders to compete for 10 spots in the official Qualification with professional and amateur riders from around the world. The total number was 63 riders. Riders were skating in 1minute runs to score the Top 10 places to go to Qualification.

Best skateboarding in Prequalification was done by riders like Alex Blajenkov, Vlad Romancov, Dima Bravichev and Sasha Kuliev who performed hard trick all over the street course. I have to also mention Alexei Bobrov and Roman Ivanov who both skated very good and got the crowd stoked.Bachinsky fs flip

The Qualification was held in Jam format in 13 Jam groups of 3 riders each. With the 10 prequalified riders we have had 40 skaters competing in this high level qualification. Among the Russian rippers like Misha Poponin, Gena Kakusha or Maxim Kruglov we have had riders like Dave Bachinsky from United States, Tomas Vintr from Czech Republic, Diego Fiorese from Brazil and Fabian Ferhaeghe from Belgium who were skating on really good level the whole time. Also other riders like Matej Hakl from Czech Republic, Sasha Rybakov from Russia and Egor Gladnikov from Russia were skating really good.

I have to especially mention Dima Rodionov and Denis Uzefovich both from Russia. These riders were having one of the best runs in the Qualification with super smooth style and tricks like backside nosebluntslide on the Hubba wall, frontside feelbles on big rail or clean frontside 360 over the Euro gap. It was really great to see that the level of Russian skateboarding is improving fast.

Out of the Qualification the best rider qualified straight to the Finals and Top 15 went to the Semifinals.

The best performance was done by Czech Republic’s finest Tomas Vintr who had an amazing jam and killed the park. Dave Bachinsky from United States got second with smooth style and very technical tricks on the skateparks transitions.

In the Semifinal all riders had two 1minute runs to compete for the Top 5 spots for the finals. Misha Poponin was coming hard with tricks like switch bluntslide to fakie or nollie nosebluntslide on the big rail but with few falls he was unable to make the cut for the Finals. Also Maxim Kruglov went hard for the top 5 but did not make the cut either. His best tricks we switch frontside boardslide on the big rail, huge hardflip down the stair set and backside smithgrind on the grindbox. Fabian Verhaeghe from Belgium was killing the streetcourse too with smooth frontside nosegrinds on Hubbas, big 360 flip down the stairs and backside lipslide on the big rail. Unfortunatelly he did not make the cut for one position. Diego Fiorese from Brazil was having great runs with tricks like switch tailslide to fakie on the Hubba wall, switch heel up the Euro gap or frontside feeble on the big rail and made the smooth cut for the Finals.

The Finals we held in the combined system of 1 minute run for each rider and the rotary jam where every riders performs tricks after each other for 3 minutes. Top 6 riders were ready to make the Luzniky Arena scream and shout for their heroes!!Egor Golybev flip bordslide

Dima Dvoinishikov did a huge RNR on the top of the Wall in his run. A trick that nobody even tried the whole day but than was lucky on other tricks he tried in the jam. He did a huge frontside 180 ollie over rail and the stairs, nosebluntslide on the big rail and nice nosegrind on the Hubba. Dima Rodionov was having his bad luck in his run. He did a stylish backside tailslide and put a huge 360 flip down the set of stairs but it was not enough for the top positions. Also Diego Fiorese tried some really hard tricks all over the skatepark but it was also not enough for the best guys in this heat.

Dave Bachinsky came in with super style and tricks like 5-0 to switch crooked grind fakie flip out on the grind box or a super nice frontside flip down the stairs. To top it all he landed a super sick blunt frontside flip out in the transition and the crowd was going crazy.

The main clash in the Finals was between Tomas Vintr from Czech Republic and local ripper Egor Golubev. Tomas was skating great all over and his smooth run consisted of tricks like backside flip up the Euro Gap, backside lipslide on the big rail or switch kickflip down the stairs on first try!! Egor came in with a huge Ollie in the transition from the top platform that blew everyone’s mind followed by smith grind on the big rail and 5-0 on the channel rail. He also did frontside boardslide on the big rail and kickflip up the Euro gap.

Than the final jam was going on and riders were performing single tricks on all obstacles. Again it was between Tomas and Egor. Tomas was coming in with tricks like nollie crooked grind on the big rail, switch kickflip down the stairs and nollie boardslide on the big rail. Egor killed it with a huge nollie backside heelflip down the stairs, bigspin frontside boardslide and kickflip frontside boardslide on the big rail and therefore kept the first place for Russian skateboarders.

I would like to take this chance to thank everybody from Adrenalin Games in Russia for making this event happen and helping Russian skateboarder compete on the WCS event like this – especially Alexander, Vitaliy, Julia, Kyrill, Leo, Dennis, Alexi, Vasili and Ilya!!! Also big thanks goes to all Russian skateboarder who entered this event and of course to all people who came to support and cheer them up at the event. Hope to see you soon and thanks again for a great time in Moscow, Russia!!!