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WCS – Moscow 2015

By: Martin Karas

After a year, the capital city of Russia – Moscow held once again the new edition of the WCS Skateboarding event in Luzniky indoor hall downtown Moscow. It has be been few years already that the promoter Alex and his team are bringing great international skateboarders to Moscow and supporting the local skateboard scene with a world skate event. This is something, given the current situation in the world, is not something that everyone is able to pull off continuously like that!!

The skatepark was this year was built again by Germany’s finest IOU Ramps company that brings new designs and quality work to Moscow every year. The team of great international riders consisted of multiple nationalities and that gave the Russian skateboarders and spectators of this year’s event a great chance to compete and experience beautiful styles of skateboarding from different parts of the planet again.

The event was a one-day competition in Street and Best Trick competition. There was a pre-qualification for the Russian riders to be able to enter the main event. The best 35 made the cut and we skateboarding in the park since the morning. There were some new faces on the Russian scene that skated really well. Their tricks were on a high technical and rad level. Killing all obstacles with easy and power. I would name George Sudarikov who had a good style with bag full of tricks on both regular and switch.  His switch kickflip and frontside feeble were nice to watch!! Also Pavel Mushkin was a new face for me but he smashed it with a switch frontside boardslide on the biggest rail. I am sure that we will here about those two in the future!

Dima Dvoynishikov is one the best Russian riders who has “the” style, good selection of tricks and can skate all around. His Qualification runs we amazing!! I really wish that Dima will skate more outside of Russia so people can witness the beauty of his skateboarding and personality.

Richard Tury from Slovakia was killing the park with his flip-inn trick on all obstacles and you could see that this year gave him a lot of experience and boardcontrol. Heelflip to boardslide on the biggest rail or kickflips to bs noregrinds on the Hubba ledge on lock!!

Diego Fiorese from Brazil was nice and smooth all day long!! His lines were consistend and all-around terrain skills were present in his skateboarding. Diego made it to the Semifinals but the level of skateboarding there was just to high to let him pass to the Finals. I hope we will see Diego ripping  in Finals soon because this cut for him was really a tight one.

Semifinals were the part of the event when everyone had a good lines and incredible tricks on lock in their runs.  Dima Rodionov from Russia was a smooth surfer with hard tricks performed on every obstacle. Frontside bluntslides and backside tailslides were his artwork in the Semifinals.  Egor Golubev had a good runs too with powerful rail tricks and tech combos like nollie backside heelflip 270 transfers.

Dave Bachinsky from United States was combining tech tricks with finesse and gnarly rails. All together with a blunt frontside kickflip out on the wall extension.

Benjamin Garcia from France was doing his BIG killer tricks on rails, like the frontside bluntslide on lock or his signature backside 360 over pyramids. What he pulled that day was an enormous transfer to blunt frontside out on the big transition. That put the spectators out of their seats!!

The finals were coming up and there was the 6 best skateboarders coming with the three 1minute runs for each of them. The best one counted for the final score.

Maxim Habanec from Czech Republic is a very skilled and smooth skateboarder who’s runs are always a good combination of all kids of tricks performed with a Swiss watch precision. He pulled of a perfect run with tricks like bigspin Boardslide on the big rail or kickflip up the set of stairs or nollie transfer to frontside boadslide on rail. Good Job Max!!
The surprise of the event for me was the young and super talented skater Kostia Kabanov. This guy has it too!! Tech tricks, rail trick, good style and can pull this off in a nicely consistent runs. His long backside tailslide to fakie on a kinked hubba ledge and backside smithgrind one-foot on the big rail proved me that Kostia deserved the Final ranks more than well!!

Maxim Kruglov is the Russian killer who can do basically everything and with the style looking so easy! That is something not so many riders have. Max was killing it and at the same time he gave so much support to all his friends and fellow Russian skateboarders. He is the man and many skated so well thanks to his good vibes that day!! Hardflip backside 180, frontside bluntslides, mega 360flip, you name it – Max has it!! Big ups, Max!!

To take one of the top 3 ranks that day required something special!! All the guys skated so good but the top 3 riders just killed it on another level!!

Vincent Millou from France is a new face on the world scene and he has the talent in his feet. He also has the smooth style and easy execution of the most difficult trick you can imagine. Vincent was all over the park with kickflips to lipslides on rails, nollie frontside blunslides, backside tailslides on rails,  tailslides 270 out on hubba ledge and many many more. Vince is the man to watch skateboarding and his 3rd place in this event just proves it!!

Danny Leon from Spain is a rider that can skate bowls, ramps and be the tech guy on the street course. Danny’s runs were the mixture of all styles of skateboarding performed on all obstacles in flawless lines without bails. Simply beautiful!! Handplants followed by backside lipslides on big rails and perfect 360flips that continued to massive transfer to noseblunt on the biggest transition of the park!! Just truly great!! Danny also won the Best Trick with the huge transfer to Noseblunt on the transition. That trick performed in his run was simply out of this world!!

The first place and well deserved victory at the WCS – Moscow 2015 went to the your prodigy and a amazing young man from France – Aurelien Giraud! Aurelien just won Tampa AM a week prior to Moscow and it must have been hard for him to go through so many traveling and time zone changes within few days. Nevertheless he was just annihilating the park all day!! Clean and smooth like butter Caballerial 540 transfers, 360 doublipFlip from the double-set of stairs and all the harderst tricks on rails of all sizes in the park. Aurelien showed all the fellow skateboarders that day the he has it and he is a true champion of the event!! No questions asked, just congratulations, Aurelien!! This was truly a great experience and I hope that you will be coming back to Moscow next year too!!

The time has come and we have had to travel back home from the great city of Moscow! I would like to thank all the people who made it possible and helped us to enjoy Moscow: Alex, Inna, Maria, Alina from the production team – you guys are great!! Vitaliy Kotov and the team or Russian judges working with us this year!! Great job, boys!! All the skateboarders who came to skate, to support and participate on the event!! And most of all thank you to everyone who came and supported this event personally!! You guys mean so much and we are so thankful to you!!! Thank you and see you next year again!!


1 Aurelien Giraud FR, Lyon
2 Daniel Leon ES, Madrid
3 Vincent Millou FR, Bordeaux
4 Konstantin Kabanov RU, Saint Petersburg
5 Maksim Kruglov RU, Saint Petersburg
6 Maxim Habanec CZ, Prague
7 Richard Tury SK, Kosice
8 Diego Fiorese BR
9 Benjamin Garcia FR, Bordeaux
10 Dmitriy Dvoyshnikov RU, Saint Petersburg
11 Egor Golubev RU, Moscow
12 Dmitriy Rodionov RU, Saint Petersburg
13 David Bachinsky US, Los Angeles
14 Egor Konyshev RU, Moscow
15 Vitaliy Zvorygin RU, Saint Petersburg
16 Aleksandr Kuliev RU, Moscow
17 Aleksey Bobrov RU, Ryazan'
18 Timotej Lampe Ignic SI, Ljubljana
19 Maksim Osipov RU, Saint Petersburg
20 Mihail Stepanov RU, Moscow
21 Anatoliy Titaev RU, Moscow
22 Markel Andronov RU, Krasnoyarsk
23 Georgiy Sudarikov RU, Norilsk
24 Simon Stricker SZ, Zürich
25 Serafim Illarionov RU, Moscow
26 Pavel Tret'yakov RU, Tumen
27 Semen Kutuzov RU, Sochi
28 Alisher Sadikov RU, Moscow
29 Mihail Poponin RU, Moscow
30 Dmitriy Neplohov RU, Saint Petersburg
31 Roman Alimov RU, Moscow
32 Vasiliy Nesmelov RU, Perm
33 Andrey Fedotenkov RU, Vladivostok
34 Dmitriy Bravichev RU, Moscow
35 Danila Eremin RU, Saint Petersburg
36 Pavel Kobuzov RU, Saint Petersburg
37 Pavel Mushkin RU, Moscow
38 Anton Verbenko RU, Petrozavodsk
39 Viktor Terent'ev RU, Krasnodar
40 Aleksandr Sedov RU, Moscow
41 Aleksey Velizhanin RU, Tyumen
42 Maksim Lukichev RU, Saint Petersburg
43 Nikita Zybenok BY, Minsk
44 Vladik Scholz DE, Cologne
45 Ekaterina Shengeliya RU, Moscow



All photos: Evgenij Bobkov