2015 Beroun Grand Prix Results

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The end of June in the Czech republic belonged to the GrandPrix Beroun, for another time. Since 2010, this event has been constantly growing until it reached the WCS status in 2015. 40 PRO skateboarders from 19 countries made their way to compete at this friendly skateboard contest organised by our own Tomas Vintr. Tomas has been travelling with us and competing in the WCS competitions for a decade and it's great to see that skateboarders can organise events like this.

Having riders from countries like USA, Brazil, Chile, France, Czech republic, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia or even Japan, the rider's field was truly international. The day started with the AM competition, where a total of 30 skateboardes signed in. This side event is also a qualifier for the AM Winner to join all the PRO skaters in the PRO category semifinals. This year, it was Czech republic's Fanda Sestak, who took the AM Win and represented the new generation of the Czech skateboarders very well.

After the AM finals, we started the PRO Qualifier with 40 skaters divided into 10 heats. Riso Tury took first place after the qualification with an amazing run, scored over 94 points and a total of 21 skaters made the cut to the semifinals to join the 3 pre-qualified riders - Maxim Habanec (last year's winner), Benjamin Garcia (top3 wcs ranked) and Fanda Sestak (AM category winner).

Semifinals we divided into 6 heats of 4 skateboarders and the riders competed in the organised jam format, which is the most attractive format for both riders and public, because they won't miss any tricks and each rider has the same number of attempts. The girls started warming up for their event but got stopped by light rain, which, after few minutes, turned into a heavy storm that made it impossible to continue with the event and we were forced to keep our PRO semifinals results and make these rankings our official results.

Right after the skateboard contest the music performers took over the venue and performed from the excelent live stage for the next few hours. Some of the best hip-hop artists in the central European region performed and the audience could listen to PSH, PRAGO UNION or PAULIE GARAND. The venue was completely full, with over 6000 spectators that visited the event during the day.

A huge afterparty kicked in at 23:00 and was hosted by 2 of the czech top DJs - LU2 and Akvamen.



1 Christoph Radtke GERMANY 94.75
2 Benjamin Garcia FRANCE 90.5
3 Roger Silva BRAZIL 89.5
4 Maxim Habanec CZECH REP. 88.25
5 Riso Tury SLOVAKIA 88
6 Luiz Neto BRAZIL 85.85
7 Timotej Lampe Ignjic SLOVENIA 79
8 Zsolt Karkossiak HUNGARY 78.75
9 Alex Mizurov GERMAN 78.5
10 Martin Pek CZECH REP. 77.5
11 Kristof Sarkany HUNGARY 73
12 Omar Parraga MEXICO 72.5
13 Jonathan Jean-Philippe FRANCE 72
14 Douwe Macare NETHERLANDS 70
15 Vincent Milou FRANCE 69.25
16 Tomas Vintr CZECH REP. 68.75
17 Carlos Padilla MEXICO 67.25
18 Sierra Fellers USA 63.25
19 Max Genin FRANCE 59.5
20 Stanley Inacio BRAZIL 54
21 Fanda Sestak CZECH REP. 53.75
22 Daniel Eliasek CZECH REP. 47.25
23 Kacper Jakobczyk POLAND 42
24 Marius Diatcu ROMANIA  
25 Antonio Petkovic CROATIA  
26 Adam Zari MALAYSIA  
27 Diego Cano SPAIN  
28 Christian Elizondo CHILE  
29 George Barbulescu ROMANIA  
30 Alex Fernando Silva BRAZIL  
31 Cristobal Gordillo SPAIN  
32 David Vrba CZECH REP.  
33 Pavel Fortik CZECH REP.  
34 Daisuke Nakaura JAPAN  
36 Joey Svoboda CZECH REP.  
37 Jakub Sindelar CZECH REP.  
38 Ryota Nishimura CZECH REP.  
39 Georges Agonkouin FRANCE  
40 Arnost Ceral CZECH REP.  


1 Fanda Sestak CZECH REP. 79.5
2 Marek Knytl CZECH REP. 75.25
3 Jakob Vilhar SLOVENIA 75
4 David Luu CZECH REP. 63.75
5 Honza Maly CZECH REP. 56.75
6 Daniel Rahman CZECH REP. 50.25
7 Jiri Smekal CZECH REP.  
8 Luka Bozic CROATIA  
9 Jiri Babec CZECH REP.  
10 Krystof Mizur CZECH REP.  
11 Stepan Bares CZECH REP.  
12 Stepan Folkman CZECH REP.  
13 David Panek CZECH REP.  
14 Martin Osvald CZECH REP.  
15 Zdenek Rotta CZECH REP.  
16 Tomas Gruss CZECH REP.  
17 Petr Stary CZECH REP.  
18 Martin Silhanek CZECH REP.  
19 Pavel Vagner CZECH REP.  
20 Tomas Hakl CZECH REP.  
21 Jan Macik CZECH REP.  
22 Petr Vodenka CZECH REP.  
23 Krystof Huja CZECH REP.  
24 Tomas Veverka CZECH REP.  
25 Krystof Macek CZECH REP.  
26 Jan Stranak CZECH REP.  
27 David Chudoba CZECH REP.  
28 Samuel Eliasek CZECH REP.  
29 Patrik Chocholous CZECH REP.  
30 David Cserge CZECH REP.