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By: Martin Karas

The 3rd week of May in Paris was the time of another edition of a great European WCS event – the Far N High 2015 organised by Christophe Piquard and his crew in the indoor park on the suburbs of the capital city of Paris, France.

The line up of skateboarders from around the world was great and we also have had a great number of Girl skateboarders coming to compete. The skatepark got improved since last year’s edition and offered a wide variety of obstacles for every type of skateboarder to show his best skills during the contest.

Format of the contest got Qualification divided into 2 Days and from each day the best rider went straight to the Final and the next 11 riders went to semifinals. The mix for each day was made with care and offered equal competition for everyone.  Also the Nike SB Best Trick competition was in 2 sections each selected carefully to show the real good skateboarding from all riders. First Best trick was held on the main big rail on Saturday evening and the second one on the big transition channel for Sunday afternoon before the announcement ceremony.

Day 1 – Qualification started on Friday and consisted of 4 Heats with 10 riders each.  Riders had two 45second runs and the best one counted for the score. The same system for the Day 2 – Qualification on Saturday.

There were many riders who killed it on the course these days but only 1 of each day made the cut straight to the Finals. The first day it was the French ripper Aurelien Giraud who had a perfect run with massive frontside flip transfer and many other tech trick all over the course. The second day this privilege went to Norwegian rider Gard Hvaara who performed both consistent runs with many difficult trick on both regular and switchstance.

Semifinals were a real upgrade to the Qulification runs. All riders went for it competing to score the top 10 spots to make it to the Sunday finals. There was a lot of great skateboarding to be seen. One of the most significant runs was done by  french rider Matt DeBauche who had all around great run with tricks like frontside bluntslide on the ledge to bank, backside nosebluntslide on rail and backside 540 flip transfer among others. A real nice surprise was also the runs of your Brazilian ripper Marcelo Damazio who definitely got some great skateboarding skills and we will surely hear from this kid in the future. His Ollie over gap to frontside bluntslide on rail was amazing and his flip tricks are damn good!! Dave Bachinsky from USA got both super good runs in the Semis doing fakie 5050 grind frontside out on the hubba ledge and his signature hardflip transfers along with tech wizzardy on all transition obstacles.

The Best Trick contest were held on two obstacles dominated by the best skateboarders of the event. On the Saturaday one. Adriend Bulard was the man with many hard tricks for the spot like kickflip over gap to backside lipslide or varial flip frontside boardslide with style that many can envy him. But he come up short because of Egor Golubev who blasted a bigspin to frontside bluntslide on the same gap to rail obstacle and took the win.

Girls Finals were following after the Semifinal runs. All girls skated real real good and with much style and dedication! Iris Besseling from Holland had a realy good run with tricks all over the obstacles in the park like caballerial transfers and big Ollie in over gap to bank. Aura Bredart from Belgium shown the crowd and spectators some really stylish backside tailslides, lipslides and smooth kickflip over the hip. Evelian Bouillart had her rail tricks back and was flowing nicely through the park with tricks like feeble grinds on rails and big boardslides. Charlotte Hym had a big bag of tricks for her runs and she showed it to the spectators perfectly. Nice Style and good skating!! But the battle for the top spot was between two of Brazilian Girl Skateboarders and it was really tight to the last moment!! Pamela Rosa and Leticia Buffoni showed some high level of skateboarding that even guys would be proud to show at the competition!! Pamela Rosa with her nice kickflips, rails trikcs and amazing Ollie over gap to frontside lipslide was truly a pleasant watch!! Leticia Buffoni had a tough job to do after Pamela’s runs but handled it with style and hard tricks. Her perfect final run was amazing!! Backside smithgrind, caballerial over hip, kickflip and nollie bigspin, followed by crooked on the rail and backside lipslide on another rail!! Simply amazing run and well first place!!

Than came the Men Finals. Two 1minute runs for each of the 12 riders and the best one counted for the final score. The judges had a tough job because this final was brutal and the level of skateboarding from all riders was so good its incredible.

Ryo Sejiri, Riso Tury and Egor Kaldikov shown some tech street wizzardy in their runs with precision and flips or switch stuff to all obstacles. Egor’s no comply 270 to backside lipslide is just great to watch. Ryo got some serious swith skills with a trikcs like switch 5050 on a double kinked rail and Richard was blasting flips to every grind and slide in his run.

Sven Kilchenman from Swiss had both amazing runs showing everyone that he is a real master on switchstance. His tricks were just great and so smooth!! Job well done, Sven!!

Maxim Kruglov had some hardflip blasters in his run and was killing it over the whole park wih huge tricks performed with precision!! Roger Silva’s runs were packed with technical tricks on all obstacles and done with grace! Nice one, Roger!!

The top 3 spots were a beauty and gnarliness at the same time. Tommy Fynn from Australia had amazing mix of tricks like 360 flip to lipslide on rail, kickflip crooks on the same one and Ollie gap to backside overcrook on the biggest rail. That was real good runs and secured him the 3rd place of the event!! Egor Golubev from Russia came in with a flawless run and some real heavy tricks!! The battle between him and Luan Oliveira from Brazil was on. Egor started with Ollie over gap to frontside bluntslide on the big rail followed by nollie backside heelflip 360 transfer and so on. To top it all he pulled and kickflip over gap to frontside boardslide on the big rail as his last trick!! Damn Gnarly!!

Luan had a perfect run too. Filled with much style, switch tricks and speed!! Huge switch 360flip transfer, alley-loop backside transfers, switch lipslide 270 out and all in one line with a damn full speed on!! Luan got the first place and the crowd was screaming!!

And before the Award ceremony there was the Sunday Best trick competition held on the transition channel obstacle. Just few came in for the big tricks. One of them Tim Zom from Holland blasting the backside tailslide and Danny Leon from Spain with handplans or Romain Bolian from France with his frontside feebles and frontside wallride. But the top spot went to US rider Demascus James for his gnarly invert over the channel!!

This was a great weekend with great level of skateboarding from everyone!! Thank you to all the riders coming and competing at the FAR N HIGH 2015!! Thank you to all the people who came along and supported it! And most of all thank you to the team of people who made it possible: Christophe Piquard, Arnaud, Alex, Greg, Willy Crank, Colin Clark, Tristan, the TV team, judges, and all the ladies and men who were helping out with the food stands, entrance and other important stuff the event needed! Thank you  - you were simply amazing and great!! See you all next year for the FAR N HIGH 2016!!!



1 Luan Oliveira BRA
2 Egor Golubev RUS
3 Tommy Fynn AUS
4 Maxim Kruglov RUS
5 Sven Kilchenmann SWISS
6 Roger Silva BRA
7 Aurelien Giraud FRA
8 Danny Leon SPA
9 Gard Hvaara NOR
10 Ryo Sejiri JAP
11 Richard Tury SVK
12 Egor Kaldikov RUS
13 Adrien Bulard FRA
14 Robin Bolian FRA
15 Vincent Milou FRA
16 Dave Bachinsky USA
17 Oseias Borges BRA
18 Didrik Galasso NOR
19 Benjamin Garcia FRA
20 Joseph Garbaccio FRA
21 Bruno Senra POR
22 Bart Buikman HOL
23 Marcelo Damazio BRA
24 Jonathan Jean-Philippe FRA
25 Kilian Zehnder CH
26 Matt Débauché FRA
27 Simon Deprez FRA
28 Martin Le Clair FRA
29 Tim Zom HOL
30 Tomas Vintr CZE
31 Christophe Sampaio FRA
32 Omar Parraga MEX
33 Tiago Lopes POR
34 Carlos Padilla MEX
35 Simon Stricker SWISS
36 Celian Cordt-moller FRA
37 Pierre Delacrose FRA
38 Julien Gagnon FRA
39 Feroze Rahman SGP
40 Trevor Cappon BEL
41 Dylan Witkin USA
42 Thomas Le Clair FRA
43 Amelien Foures FRA
44 Philippe Collenghi POR
45 Dima Dvoinishnikov RUS
46 Herman Gabin FRA
47 Giorgo Zavos GRC
48 Kevin Thsala BEL
49 Rui Ferreira POR
50 Mickael Germond FRA
51 Marc-Alexandre Barbier FRA
52 Demarcus James USA
53 Martin Pek CZE
54 Diego Cano ESP
55 Billy Cusa USA
56 Farid Ulrich GER
57 Frederic Moelleskov DEN
59 George Sydarikov RUS
60 Mathias Torres CHL
61 Romain Dubourg FRA
62 Abner Pietro BRA
63 Akim Sherif FRA
64 Manuel Rafael FRA
65 Hugo Corbin FRA
66 Marco Mastracci ITA
67 Théo Meas FRA
68 Magic von heeswijk HOL
69 Christian Elizondo BRA
70 Henry Gebhard GER
71 David Ball ITA
72 Jonathan Vlerick FRA
73 Alex Cardoso BRA
74 Noah Fransisco FRA
75 Artus Nesaule LVA
76 Sico Djermor HOL
77 Lino Haefeli CHE
78 Andréa Dupre FRA
79 Francky Eyoum FRA
80 Rhinah Rindra FRA
81 Jovani Garcia USA
82 Simon Lauridsen FRA
83 Bradley Saunders AUS
84 Jean-Thomas Saldou FRA
85 Guillaume Caraccioli FRA
86 Alain Dorvillier FRA
87 Patrick Elson FRA
88 Samuel Payen FRA
89 Fabien Françon FRA



 Photos: FAR N HIGH 2015 production