2015 Girls Combi Pool Classic Results

girls combi 2015This week the girls came from all over the US and Australia to have fun in the the Vans Combi Pool for another classic comp! The 14 and under division had the top 5 girls ages 8 -11, showing everyone that they are the bright future of pool rippers. They looked so small riding in the gigantic size of the Combi, but were blasting airs out with great style! Congratulations to 10 year old Brighton Zeuner from Encinitas for taking the win! In the 15 and over division we saw Autumn Tust from Florida skate hard for 3rd place. The 2014 WCS overall winner Jordyn Barratt was also ripping hard with a smooth style for the # 2 spot. The winner was Poppy Star from Australia, who has won many of her latest comps. She took a bad slam on Thursday and was bleeding so bad, she had to get stitches. I was so proud of her for being so tough that night, and it was great to see her skating strong again Friday and all day saturday for the win!

In the Pro division we saw last years champ (also #1 in 2009) Julz Lynn skating great in warm ups, but had trouble putting together her best runs in the Finals, so she had to settle for 4th. The 2011 champ Allysha Bergado grabbed the #3 spot for her variety of airs and handplants, etc.. #2 went to Lizzie Armanto, (the 2010 champ). Frontside inverts, smooth airs and long powerful frontside smith grinds wer just a few of her stylish moves. The young 14 year old Alana Smith from Arizona did the highest airs I have ever seen a girl do to finish on top! She qualified 1st in the prelims, and rode the finals with confidence. Her highest airs were in the 5' range, and she even went 8' a few days before!! Also in the finals, she flew over the hip and landed fakie into the round straight into a blasting gay twist! Big airs in the square also earned her the well deserved top spot! Congratulations to all of the girls who came out to compete, it made for a good mix of different styles that made it a fun contest to watch! Good Luck to all of you girls in 2015, and Keep on Skating hard! Ride on, D.D.

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Pro Girls

1 Alana Smith 14 Mesa, AZ Hoopla, DC Shoes, KTR, 187 Killer Pads, Triple 8 Helmets, Grape Tape $4,000
2 Lizzie Armanto 22 Santa Monica, CA Vans, Birdhouse Skateboards, ActionCam, G-Shock, Independent, Bones, Mahfia, BroStyle $2,000
3 Allysha Bergado 18 ElSegundo, CA Etinies shoes, Hoopla Skateboards, 187 Killer Pads, Bones Wheels/Bearings, So Cal Skate Shop, Mahfia. TV, S-One Helmets $1,000
4 Julz Lynn 22 Fullerton, CA Silly Girl, Pink Widow Dist, Kill N the Game, KTG, Black Flys, 187 Pads, S-One Helmets, Alkame Water, Etnies $900
5 Arianna Carmona 17 Buena Park, CA Identity Boardshop, Brokinbonz Clothing, S-One Helmets, Flood Kontrol Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, Skateboard jewelery, Dirt Bags, 187 Pads, Immortal Laces $700
6 Nicole Hause 17 Stillwater, MN The houseboard Shop $500
8 Amelia Brodka 25 Oceanside, CA Black Bear B12, XS Helmets, Vox Shoes, Arbor Skateboards, Concrete Disciples, Theeve Trucks, Urban Remedy, 187 Killer Pads, Immortal Laces $250
9 Sarah Thompson 17 Huntington Beach, CA Silly Girl Skateboards, Wicked Awards, Monster, Black Flys(flow) $150
10 Beverly Flood   Grass Valley, CA Theeve Trucks, Flood Kontrol Skateboards, 187 Pads, Mission Belt, Speed Lab Wheels, XS Helmets, Immortal Laces, Lipzipz, Goodtime Boards Store $100
11 Hunter Long 20 Honolulu, HI X-S Helmets, DVS Shoes, Dakine, Ace, Hoopla, Bones, Lanikai Juice, Sun yoga Hawaii, 187 Killer Pads  
12 Pauline Branom 16 Claremont, CA Feisty Skateboards (www.feistycrew.com), Focus Apparel, Union Street Wheels, S1 Helmets  
13 Izy Mutu 20+ Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia THEEVE trucks, HOAX MFG, Type-S Wheels  
14 Jean Rusen 46 Tempe, AZ Original Betty, Recycled Skateboards, Pink Widow Dist, Hoss Rogers Jewelry,  
15 Julie Westfall 23 Chatsworth, CA Silly Girl Skateboards  


15 and Over Girls

1 Poppy Starr 15 Bondi Beach, Australia Vans, Perfect Moment, iSkate Australia, Type S, Theeve, Bose, Action Cam $500
2 Jordyn Barratt 16 Cardiff, CA XS Helmets, Boardstix, Pinic Helmet Posse $300
3 Autumn Tust 16 Deerfield, FL Lake Skateboards, Ramp 48 Skatepark $200
4 Hannah Chumley 15 Atlanta, GA Original Betty  
5 Paige LaBare 17 Costa Mesa, CA Brolein Bronze Clothing  
6 Nicole Noller 31 Colorado Springs, CO Sk8 Strong, 311 Skateboards  
7 Summer Vereecke 17 Mission Viejo, CA    
8 Alishia Stevens   Toronto, Canada Volcom, Paw Grip Tape, Sic 970 Headwear  
9 Julliet James 16 Santa Barbara, CA Brokin Bonz Clothing  
10 Cassie Oseguera 20 Santa Cruz, CA Silly Girl Skateboards  
11 Cansas Burns 23 League City, TX Girls Roll On Wheels  
12 Emma Storm 21 Santa Barbara, CA Brokin Bonz Clothing  


14 and Under Girls

1 Brighton Zeuner 10 Encinitas, CA Original Betty Skateboards, S One Helmets, Skeleton Key Mgf $500
2 Spencer Breaux 11 Denver, CO Silly Girl, Triple 8, Theeve Trucks, Indigrip, Vybe Sunglasses, Woodward Copper, HIH, Spicoli Films, Immortal Laces $300
3 Minna Stess 8 Peteluma, CA Silly Girl Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, Lakai Footwear, Brokin Bonz Clothing, Sonoma Old School Skate Shop $200
4 Bryce Wettstein 11 Encinitas, CA Silly Girl Skateboards; McGill’s Skateshop; Pride Socks; Aura Skateboarding & Training Facility  
5 Bella Kenworthy 8 Dana Point, CA Pink Helmet Posse, Billabong, Bult Helmets, Jacks Surf Shop, Dakine, Surface  
6 Michelle Yoon 11 Los Angeles, CA    
7 Tarryn Ross 12 Garden Grove, CA Silly Girl Skateboards, S1 Helmets,  
8 Zoe Safanda 10 San Rafael, CA Bult Helmets, YMOT Apparel, Immortal Laces, Proof Lab  
9 Halle Gonzales 12 Colorado Springs, CO Jackpot Skate Shop in Colorado Springs, CO  
10 Jordan Beal 13 Cardiff, CA Articles of Society, Bai, Make (we see beauty), Perfect Bar, Look Human, ONZIE, and skatingfashionista.com  


All photos: Dan Sparagna - www.dgsfoto.com