Rock the Cradle for Johnny Romano Memorial Contest

This very special event was held in the honor of the 10 year old Texas skateboarder Johnny Romano who had battled cancer for many years and passed away just a few months ago. He and his family have been an inspiration to many people for many years. World Cup Skateboarding was very honored to be involved with such history making event. Adding to many years of Skate history in Texas. The event was held at the amazing new Lee and Joe Jamail skatepark located right in downtown Houston.

As the crowd gathered, the skaters warmed up in the big bowl under the perfect weather. We started the jam sessions and the locals were dominating the highest Cradle rides and smooth flowing lines. After a while it was clear that Nick Parenti and his frontside carves 8' 1/2' above the vertical mark would Rock the Cradle the highest!! Meanwhile the jam sessions kept flowing as the pros were throwing big tricks and high airs in the big bowl for a great show for the crowd and a great vibe for all of the riders.
Longtime Houston Pro Chris Gentry had the most tricks including a heelflip bodyjar, frontside rodeos and lots of liptricks. Another Houston Pro from back in the day, Bryan Pennington also had lots of airtricks, liptricks, handplant variations, solid riding and difficult moves to capture 2nd.

Meanwhile Rune, Sergie and Lincoln also ripped the session along with many Houston locals including Ken Fillion, Troy Chasen and Dave Donaldson. Ken and Sergie were battling for the high air spot in the 6'-7' range until right at the end of the session Lincon Ueda pulled off a huge 8 1/2' f/s tailgrab to take the win!

During the awards Rune donated his prize money to the Johnny Romano Memorial fund and right after Bryan Pennington and Jason Espeseth did the same. What a good vibe! After the awards we did a Scion sponsored autograph and photo session for all of the kids. Then we headed to the kidney pool for a cash $ giveaway. Everyone ripped the pool and had a great time and it was all for a good cause. We raised over $17,500 at the park and had 36 people donate blood. This will help 84 lives.

After the event we saw Johnny Gibson's band Sugar Shack play at The Continental club. Other bands had played there all day with an art show to raise over $6,000. Later that night we went out and saw OG SkateRock band Agent Orange play all of their classics extra fast! A fun night to end a great weekend! Thanks again to everyone who donated and participated for such a good cause. Also a big thanks to the sponsors, Scion, Boost Mobile, Sun and Ski Sports and Skullcandy. An extra special thanks goes to Barry Blumenthal and his crew for putting on such a great event. Together we are already planning an even bigger event for next year. A special thanks also go out to Damian and the crew from Southshore distribution and all involved for putting on the annual Make-A Wish event at the Southside skatepark on Saturday.

For donations go to
and also the Johnny Romano Memorial fund.
Thanks again to all!

  See ya next year, D.D.

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Highest Cradle Carve

1. Nick Parenti         8.5ft carve     $1000
2. Lance Childers     7ft   carve       $800
3. Ben Johnson         6.5ft carve      $600
4. Rune Glifberg       6ft carve         $500


 Highest Air

1. Lincoln Ueda        8.5ft FS ollie tailgrab    $800
2. Sergie Ventura     8ft BS Method               $600
3. Ken Fillion            7ft BS Air                       $400
4. Glen Charnoski    5.5ft Indy Air                 $300
Best Tricks

1. Chris Gentry                    $800
2. Bryan Pennington            $600
3. Jason Espeseth                $500
4. Glen Charnoski               $400